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From the desk of Rob Fore: the SEO Mad Scientist and owner of 5 Different 6-Figure Businesses thanks to what you're about to discover

To: The individual who wants more traffic, leads, and sales

Are you still struggling to makes serious money online?

If so, the bottom line is: You need more traffic.

But not just any kind of traffic.

You need to create a steady stream of hot, highly targeted prospects and ready-to-do-business BUYERS hungry to consume whatever it is you are promoting.

That's it.

MORE targeted traffic is the name the game.

Targeted Traffic = Hot Leads = Money in Your Pocket

Let me give you a few quick examples:

Search Google for "article writing software." Notice my blog ranks on the front page. I wrote this post over 16 months ago and, so far... 16,825 people have visited the page (FREE buyer traffic!) and this ONE keyword has stuffed my pockets with over $50,000 in affiliate commissions (and counting)!

Search Yahoo or Bing for "My Lead System Pro" and spot my blog. I wrote this review back in August 2010 and it still CONTINUES to produce 20, 30 even 50 leads per day on complete autopilot because we RANK on all the major search engines. Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!

Search YouTube for "mlm marketing" and... voila! You will see my content ALL over the place. The proof is in the pudding, and I'm not just talking the talk... I'm walking it right in front of your eyes.

Now let me ask you a question:

Do you think ranking on Youtube for a very competitive keyword to produce more FREE traffic, leads and sign ups may have something to do the fact my wife and I currently have a team of over 11,000 active network marketing distributors worldwide in just one of my companies and over 8,600 in yet another?

Or, perhaps, that is just coincidence?

The evidence is overwhelming...

Flooding Your Bank Account with a Thick Wad of Benjamin's on a Daily Basis is the Inevitable Result of Getting FREE Traffic, Leads and Sales (or Sign Ups!) by Getting Your Content to Rank on the Search Engines.

And if you are not yet producing the results you want, chances are, it is NOT your fault.

Because there is simply too much information, too much misinformation and dozens upon dozens of downright fraudulent programs out there promising magical one-click marketing results that frankly do not exist.

They never have and never will.

But the good news is, thanks to the latest Google Penguin update, it has never been easier to CASH IN by getting more traffic, leads and sales flowing through your website and business working part-time in your spare time online.

And it doesn't matter if you are young, old, a geek, a guru or a technophobe.

It does not matter.

Because making money online, regardless of what you are promoting and regardless of your current skill set... is a simple matter once you cut through all the smoke and mirrors. Blow the smoke away and your path is clear...

Want to make more money? Get more traffic.

Want to get more FREE traffic? Get your content to rank.

Want to get your content to rank? Just do what I do!


So How Do I Get Top Rankings and Enjoy So Much Endless Free Traffic, Leads and Sales?

Article marketing and backlinks.

That's it. Plain and simple.

Because all other things being equal, the #1 way to get your content to rank high on the search engines is to get a steady-stream of high quality web sites, blogs and article directories to link back to your content.

Each one-way backlink you get from another authority site is considered by Google to be a "vote" telling Google your content is worthy of being ranked higher in the search results.

Get the most votes and you win front-page ranking!

But there is one significant challenge...

Google knows we know getting more backlinks is the name of the game! So every once in a while they change how they value certain types of links and they actively and aggressively de-index and de-value any type of link they discover to be artificially created.

Which is exactly what happened in early 2012.

Tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs were making money hand over fist... easier, faster and with less headache and hassle than ever before.


By using automated programs to get hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of backlinks by spamming blog comments, creating a bazillion forum profiles and by joining every open blog network and article directory site on the planet.

Then, without warning...

Google Panda and Penguin

Google changed their algorithms and blood ran in the streets.

Virtually everyone using aggressive SEO techniques lost everything.

In fact, I personally lost ALL of my high search engine rankings... overnight... and my traffic plummeted faster than a meteor falling from space.

One minute we are living high on the hog and the next minute we had been banished to the poor house by an evil Penguin and his sidekick Panda. (Penguin and Panda are what Google has so cutely called their disruptive algorithm updates, which screw marketers like you and me... not so cute even if you like pandas or penguins!)

But get this...

Within 10 Weeks I Had Penguin-Proofed My Business, which made my income and leadflow BULLETPROOF, and Now You Can Too!

It took me about 4 weeks to figure out which types of links Google had penalized and which types they were now REWARDING with top rankings... and it took another 6 weeks to run all of my keywords through this new "system."

And guess what... it worked!

Within 10 weeks we had regained most of our previous rankings and we were right back in the game making easy money from FREE search engine traffic.

New Rankings

But what would happen the next time the evil Penguin went on a rampage?

It took over a year to find out!

On May 23, 2013 - Google Penguin 2.0 was released from the zoo and, once again, instantly crushed the hopes and dreams of many, many online marketers.

But my private, penguin-proof system not only survived... we thrived!

And now it is your turn...

Our Private SEO Network is NOT a Magic Pill But the Long-Term Traffic, Leads and Sales You Get from Ranking High on the Search Engines is Absolutely, Positively Magical!

All you have to do to get your keywords to rank high on the search engines is to give them what they want.

High quality, original content (this is all you, but we're going to help you),

High domain authority (we help you gain authority automatically),

Lots of social media engagement (we'll show you how!) and

Lots and lots of backlinks from penguin-proof authority sites!

In fact, I use a very specific step-by-step process to get my keywords to rank high for more FREE traffic, leads and sales... and if you decide to invest in your business with us today... I will GIVE YOU my complete "check list marketing" system for FREE!

But first let me introduce you to our kick-butt, super secret weapon!

My Private "Rank and Stick" SEO Network

Rank and Stick SEO

Here's the deal...

After the first Penguin attack in 2012, I published a comprehensive search engine marketing course called Predatory SEO that teaches you exactly how to dominate the search engines for traffic, leads and sales.

And, honestly, I was a bit reluctant to release that information because I knew if people just followed the simple step-by-step instructions... not only would they start to rank... in some cases... they might actually outrank me!

Which is EXACTLY what happened.

By releasing that course I had inadvertently created my own competition!

Yet for some of the more highly competitive keywords, those BIG MONEY phrases getting tens of thousands of searches per month, I still found myself sitting pretty much alone... King of the Mountain.

Which was disturbing...

Because I had revealed the BIG MONEY SECRET in that course and I was literally walking the talk by doing EXACTLY what I outlined there. Step-by-step. Check list marketing. Do this, then this, then this.

Then it dawned on me.

The secret sauce... the big money magic... the one thing that made all the difference between ranking for a tiny bit of traffic vs. ranking for a huge flood of unstoppable traffic was simply too EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING for most mere mortals to pull off.

But I'm a glutton for punishment, so I had "bet the bank" in an effort to keep the evil Penguin at bay. And it is not like I had any other choice, really - I had bills to pay, kids to feed, a wife to keep happy... and dreams.

Big dreams!

So I invested many, many months and tens of thousands of dollars to create my own private, penguin-proof network of over 2,743 high authority blogs... so I could literally DOMINATE the search engines at will... by simply plugging in any new URL and keyword I wanted to rank for.

Blog Farm

And now it is your turn!

Who Else Wants to Get More FREE Traffic, Leads and Sales on Autopilot and Start Sucking in Money Off The Internet Like an Out-Of-Vacuum Cleaner by simply leveraging my Private "Rank & Stick" SEO Network?

You have something to sell.

It could be your own product, an affiliate product or maybe even a proven business opportunity you are excited about.

You've done your research so you know EXACTLY what people are searching for when they want to learn more about whatever it is you are offering, and you have probably even created a nice blog post or video review.

Now all you have to do to start getting more FREE traffic, leads and sales is you MUST get your content to rank. If not, NOBODY sees it and you stay broke!

This requires links.

Lots and lots of authority links.

MORE links than the competition.

And by now, I'm confident you understand that by giving you access to my super-secret, private network of over 2,743 blogs... your path is very clear.

It's worked for me... why not you?! If I gave you EXACTLY what I'm doing, and I actually DID IT ALL FOR YOU and plugged you into my PRIVATE SEO Network, how could you not GET RESULTS just like me?!

Sign up. Then give me the URLs and keywords you want it to rank for.

That's it.

And for the next 90 days we will DRIP SUBMIT your link through our network and give Google exactly what Google wants â?? high quality, high authority links back to your content.

In fact, you will get somewhere between 1,080 and 2,700 permanent backlinks for every URL/Keyword you submit. Can you imagine the power of this!

But Let's Get One Thing Straight Before You Sign Up to Dominate the Search Engines...

This is my private network and it is the "secret weapon" I have been using for the past year to crush the competition and flood my bank account with wads of cold, hard cash by getting a steady stream of fresh, organic FREE traffic via the search engines.

So it goes without saying... by giving you access I am absolutely setting myself up to create my own competition and, frankly, that is not going to happen.

Which means there are a few specific KEYWORDS I will not promote on your behalf because these are the keywords that make me the most money.

Prohibited Topics and Keywords

To protect the network from becoming a "bad neighborhood" in the eyes of Google, we will not promote any hate, porn, pills or gambling URLs and keywords. No forex and no stock trading systems. Also, these specific keywords are strictly off limits...

  • article marketing robot
  • article marketing robot review
  • article writing software
  • attraction marketing
  • empower network
  • magnetic sponsoring
  • magnetic sponsoring review
  • mlm attraction marketing
  • mlm lead system pro
  • mlm lead system pro review
  • mlm marketing
  • my lead system pro
  • my lead system pro review
  • network marketing
  • network marketing leads
  • social media mastery
  • unique article wizard
  • unique article wizard review

So if you are good with all of that... let's make the money-making magic happen.

Right here. Right now!

Bronze - Add to Cart Silver - Add to Cart Gold - Add to Cart

Note: These are monthly subscription packages. You may cancel at any time but if you are honestly serious about taking your income to the next level, you should be creating and promoting new content continuously. Consistency is KEY especially with what I'm about to unleash on your behalf for the keywords of your choosing.

Invest in your business today.
Bless and be blessed,

Google Panda and Penguin

Special Bonuses

BONUSES!PS - BONUS: Sign up today and I will also give you my exact step-by-step SEO overall RESOURCES blueprint because in addition to getting a massive number of high authority backlinks, you can increase your odds of success by also getting FaceBook likes, Twitter tweets, and social comments on your content (social media engagement). This resources pdf shows you the exact tools I use to dominate with social media engagement AND get a few hundred article directory links back to your content every single day.

Personal Resources: my precious weapons, secret tools, and resources I use in my daily method of operation - this is everything in my war chest.

Plus, I will GIVE YOU three short video tutorials that cover the best ON PAGE SEO optimization techniques I have found to ensure you succeed, rank, and stick!


It will take you 2 steps to put me and my team to work for you so that you can start raking in leads via the search engines..

Step 1) Simply watch the 3 bonus videos that you have instant access to when you place your order today so that you understand what I need from you in terms of a blog post, video, or document sharing page so we can rank on Google FAST.

Step 2) Select the piece of content and keyword you want me to rank for, and I start going to work immediately for you.



If I were you I'd hurry up and place your order because my friends think I'm insane for even putting this special package together for you. And as I write this letter, I'm starting to think they are right! Look at what I'm giving to you on a silver platter...

Rank and Stick SEO

Bronze - Add to Cart Silver - Add to Cart Gold - Add to Cart

Note: These are monthly subscription packages. You may cancel at any time but if you are honestly serious about taking your income to the next level, you should be creating and promoting new content continuously. Consistency is KEY especially with what I'm about to unleash on your behalf for the keywords of your choosing.

Frequently Asked Questions

» How long is each URL/Keyword promoted?

Each URL you submit will be distributed through the "Rank and Stick SEO Network" for a period of 90 days. When the 90 day cycle is complete, you will receive an email notification. At that point, it is highly recommended you resubmit the same URLs again to continue getting even more "juice links" to keep the competition at bay.

» How many backlinks can I expect for every URL I submit?

Every URL will receive 8-12 DoFollow "authority domain" links per day, 3+ NoFollow "mixed anchor-text" and "raw URL" links per day and 1-2 "page rank" links for a period of 90 days. You will receive a total of 1,080 to 2,700 backlinks for each URL.

» If I cancel the monthly subscription, will you remove the backlinks from the network?

No. All the backlinks you get are yours forever. When you invest in a 5 URL, 10 URL or 25 URL SEO promotion package, you are buying 90 days of distribution through our "Rank and Stick SEO Network," which will give you 1,080-2,700 permanent backlinks on EACH INDIVIDUAL LINK / KEYWORD you submit. Even if you cancel on month two, your original order will still run through the entire 90 day promotional cycle and you will get 1,080-2,700 permanent backlinks.
For the 5 URL Package (Bronze Package) - 5,400 - 13,500 TOTAL Backlinks
For the 10 URL Package (Bronze Package) - 10,800 - 27,000 TOTAL Backlinks
For the 25 URL Package (Bronze Package) - 27,000 - 67,500 TOTAL Backlinks

» Will you provide me with a list of backlink URLs so I can ping them through my own backlink indexing service?

No. Absolutely not. It will never happen. The only way to protect the integrity and long-term SEO value of the "Rank and Stick SEO Network" is to keep the network blind. Open networks aways get discovered, de-indexed and devalued by Google. We do, however, backlink all backlinks by submitting each backlink URL through three different indexing services.

» How can I know my URLS are actually being promoted?

If you are promoting a blog post URL, you may receive a few trackbacks which is a notice that another blog has linked back to your post. However, we have turned off the ability to send trackback notifications on over 95% of the network in order to keep it as blind as possible. If you are promoting a Youtube video URL, document sharing URL or a link that is not able to receive trackbacks, you will not see any indication of promotion. After 6-8 weeks, you may be able to see your "backlink count" rising on many on may of the SEO analysis tools like Market Samurai, SEOmoz and SeoCockpit.

» How fast can I expect to rank on the front page of Google, Bing and Yahoo?

You may or may not ever rank on the front page of the major search engines and you may or may not every see an increase in how your rank because getting authority backlinks is just one element out of nine critical elements needed to cause your content to rank. Domain authority, page authority, unique/quality content, effective on-page optimization, social media engagement and a lack of any spammy techniques (keyword stuffing, profile links, links from an open network or bad neighborhoods) and even over anchor-text optimization all play a factor.

» Can I get a refund if I don't rank as well as I want?

Absolutely not. All sales are final as we are providing a service.

INCOME DISCLAIMER:  MyLeadSystemPRO® (MLSP®) is an education company and marketing platform, not an income opportunity. Some of our customers are also affiliates and earn commissions by referring other people to our products and services. Testimonials are from actual MLSP customers who were not compensated for their statement, though they may receive a commission if you join MLSP or purchase something from the endorser's business. Statements on this page regarding income, lifestyle, and likelihood of success are not a guarantee of what you should expect, nor are they typical of average MLSP users or average participants in any other business to which the MLSP program may be applied. Some users will make NO MONEY AT ALL with this program. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. Full Earnings Disclosure.